TX: Legislature passes Anti-TSA-Groping Bill

On Monday, the Texas Legislature (both House and Senate) passed a bill making the so-called “enhanced” screening measures a crime  if during the screening they touch a person’s ‘private’ areas. TSA has tried to use (get this) the Supremacy Clause as defense against such a measure.  Clearly the TSA is unfamiliar with the 9th and … Continue reading

Independence Day

What are your plans for this Independence Day?  Barbecue, volleyball, fireworks, boating?  All sound good.  If I might humbly suggest a good way to spend only two or three hours of that day… Get yourself a few pocket Constitutions.  During the parade, which is a fixture in most towns, walk down the street and hand … Continue reading

Day by Day: Gunwalker Theory

Oleg Volk asks the $521,000.00* Question

American Gun Owners — A Paper Tiger? “Should we conclude from this evidence that officials who order murder of civilians can enjoy safety from retribution?” I suspect it’s still early days for such a conclusion, but it’s still a question worth pondering. Seriously. _____________ * $521,000.00 is the corrected-for-inflation amount of $64,000 in 1955, and … Continue reading

Real-world Camo comparisons

A few weeks ago, I and two friends went out to a wooded section of our AO. We took with us several patterns of camouflage. These were, US Wooland, ACU, Desert Digital, plain OD-Green, Ranger Green, ERDL (pre-woodland), an ACU pieces which had been dyed with a dark green dye, and an old hunter’s treebark … Continue reading

Praxis: Using a duplex reticle as a rangefinder

How to use your rifle scope as a rangefinder. Many American households have a scoped deer rifle in them.  Common calibers are .30-06, .308, .270, .243, and a variety of sporterized military surplus rifles from around the world.  All of these rifles are capable as being used for “designated marksman” functions.  Let us assume that … Continue reading

Obama, Libya, and the UN… oh my.

Dear Reader, Remember the good ol’ days, the days of Calvin Coolidge?  Well, I don’t actually remember them either, having not yet been born.  Coolidge is often criticized as a “do-nothing” president.  What I wouldn’t give for a do-nothing president today.  We’re more than halfway through our fourth War President in recent history, with no … Continue reading

‘You don’t spank children today…’

Mother Convicted of Spanking Own Child… ‘You don’t spank children today,’ Judge scolds… Dear Reader, I saw these two links on Drudge today, and I was astounded. Most of us get out parenting cues from our parents and grandparents, or at least that is my assumption.  As a teenager and young man, I thought that … Continue reading

WRSA: What do you do?

Don’t miss this post over at WRSA, because it is well worth the read. What will you do when your lines in the sand have been crossed?  Got tribe?  How will you deal with new-comers?  If you make the decisions now, when the time comes, it will be that much easier on you.  It’s a … Continue reading

NH: letter from man who burned self

Here are the last words of a man who set himself on fire in front of a New Hampshire court house. Here’s an excerpt: “Twenty-five years ago, the federal government declared war on men. It is time now to see how committed they are to their cause. It is time, boys, to give them a … Continue reading