The Mentality of Tyrants:

Dear Reader,

When I have spoken with Liberty-minded folks around the country, both those who are loud in their opinions, and those quietly waiting, the discussion usually falls to “where’s your line in the sand?”  Without any reservation, most people state that their line in the sand is the outright confiscation of arms.

While I agree, that this is probably the single loudest alarm that can be raised, I would like to discuss it a bit, and see if maybe we have made a mistake.

Nearly everyone has heard the phrase, “It takes a thief to catch a thief.”  I will try to think like a ‘thief’ for this exercise.  If I were a would-be-tyrant in American today, I would try to know as much about the people as I can.  Both the people over whom I would be master, and those that might offer resistance to my rule.  I would pay particular attention to those who have both the desire AND the means to resist me.

I would listen to these people, and when they say, “Gun confiscation, that’s when I hoist the black flag and start slitting throats,” I would take heed.  As a master, I want to live a long and uneventful life, enjoying my money and power, with as few disruptions as possible.

When that would-be resistor says, “Gun confiscation”  it occurs to me that maybe I can do things other than that, and as long as my little fighter believes he has the means to resist, he will accept all manner of oppression if lip-service is but paid to his means to resist.

But, I would need to register his arms, so that I know which one he is.  He will likely be opposed to such a process, but he still has the arms, so he will quietly fume at the usurpation of his right, but do nothing else.  So he has to give a Social Security number for his background check at the point of purchase, and file a form that he’s purchased the arm.

So I have my bureaucrats keep these lists, you know, just in case.  But all the time, the screws of tyranny are tightened.  My agents touch their wives and children in the most private of places if they have the audacity to travel.  My agents read their mail, listen to their phone calls, and watch their online traffic.  We pass laws that let us get rid of the rights bought in blood by previous generations under the guise of ‘security.’  We pass laws telling them how they can spend their money, and forcing them to purchase what we deem they need (or at least our lobbyists need).

My agents in black web-gear kick in their doors, shoot their veterans, burn down their churches, and shoot nursing mothers in the head.

My agents publish reports, telling local police that if they have stickers on their car of certain candidates, of certain parties, or certain flags that they should be treated as criminals and terrorists.  I will search cars and homes without warrants, if drugs are involved.  I will undo 800 years of history and make lawful, reasonable resistance to an illegal invasion illegal.  I do all of these things, and the people sit back, “at least we’ve got our guns, if things get really bad, I’ll be free.”

“America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” – Claire Wolfe

We’re so deep in the awkward period, and so fixated on our lines that we walk and walk and walk.  Maybe one day we find ourselves at the door to a shower chamber, clutching a rifle with safties on, believing we’re free.

“… but when you’re naked and seventy pounds below your healthy weight, it’s too late. You have no chance. On the other hand, no one would support you if you started an armed rebellion because the government posts speed limits on open roads and arrests people for speeding. So when is it not too late, but also not too early?” – John Ross

So, as a tyrant, I would use your own principles, your line in the sand, against you.  What you belive is a lever against me, is actually my lever against you.

What do you do about that?
No conclusions here, merely thoughts.  Feel free to contribute, critique, comment.

Long live the Republic,
– Cato, the American


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