On moral high ground:

Dear Reader,
There has been a discussion happening in the circles of Liberty.  The question is ‘moral high ground.’  First, let me state, that I think all of these voices are trying to further liberty, and that disagreements will occur.  I hope, that we can take our Founders’ advice and Unite when the time comes.

On one side is the idea of “No Fort Sumters, No Free Wacos,”  Sipsey Street has written and popularized this perspective (with thanks from the peanut gallery).  The other side would argue that Wacos are happening every day, and in the wake of the Guerena murder, it’s hard to call this wrong.

Arctic Patriot writes that “moral high ground is determined by the victors.”  This seems to be true, Washington crossed a river and killed the British in their sleep, on Christmas.  But we do not think of him as evil, or a war criminal. He is a “strategist.”

I understand where Mike is coming from, that the real battle is for the hearts and minds.  No Resistance Force can hope to survive longer than a handful of weeks without the out-and-out support of the people.  If Ireland has taught us anything from the past 70 years, it is this.  And I hope to God, we can learn it from them without having to go through what they went through to learn it.

But I also understand where CA comes from.  Thugs in black webgear kick down our doors and kill us without any consequence, so far.

Consider that I am soliciting opinions.  I do not have any conclusions, just more questions, always more questions.

Long live the Republic,
– Cato, the American


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