The War on Drugs is the War on the Constitution

When we look at the militarization of the Police, we can lay the blame for that squarely at the feet of the so-called “War on Drugs.”  I can sense some social conservatives getting ready to close the tab, or get angry, but listen, because it’s worth hearing.

I don’t use drugs.  I suggest that those around me don’t use drugs, and I choose to be with people who do not.  But I would not for a moment think that I had the moral authority to stop YOU from doing so if you so desired.  I might lend some advice, if asked, I wouldn’t support bad behaviors, and I would reinforce good ones; but I wouldn’t seek to use force (or to vote for someone else to use force) to stop you from doing what you want, when it harms no one but yourself.  Your body is your property, and you can treat it as well or as poorly as you like.

I hear the arguments starting that it does harm others, but this is the same argument the leftists use to restrict your god-given right to self-defense, among others.  Liberty means allowing people to make the mistakes they will in their own lives.

The 4th and 5th amendments have been gutted for the War on Drugs, and here is a case where a family is now suing after a raid that was described as “terrifying” by the innocents who were subjected to it.  When it comes down to it, everything from Jose Guerena, Gunwalker, no-knock warrants, no warrants needed if a toilet flushes, to making it illegal to resist an illegal home invasion by Police, etc.  all come down to the War on Drugs.

Until we get those arms of Congress (because that’s what those alphabet agencies are) back into Constitutional bounds, the militarization of the police will only continue.  My fear, is that we won’t have time to do that.  It might just be me, but it seems that the instances of these abuses, these murders, is only increasing.  I’m familiar with exponential curves, and unless we starting thinking and making preparations now, we’ll be overtaken by the speed at which these events continue.

I have a few questions:

– How many LEOs are in your AO?
– How many are Oathkeepers (if that matters anymore)?
– How many are known Oathbreakers?
– How does your Governor feel about using the National Guard?
– What kind of materiel do these forces have?
– How much political capital can they spend?
– How long does it take them to mobilize?
– How friendly are they with the Feds?

– If you got word that they were coming for you in one day or two hours or fifteen minutes… what would you do?  If they came for a friend?
– And, are you prepared (in all the meanings possible) to do it?

Might be time to starting thinking along those lines.

Long live the Republic,

-Cato, the American.

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  1. I’d like to thank Arctic Patriot and Green Mountains Home for the link.

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