Independence Day

What are your plans for this Independence Day?  Barbecue, volleyball, fireworks, boating?  All sound good.  If I might humbly suggest a good way to spend only two or three hours of that day…

Get yourself a few pocket Constitutions.  During the parade, which is a fixture in most towns, walk down the street and hand out copies to your fellow countrymen.

Take a new shooter to the rifle/pistol range.  Teach them safety, a bit of history, and give them the opportunity to develop a lifelong skill, a hobby, and a means to secure their liberty.

It might be fun to take a helmet painted blue, or a UN Flag to the range. (A melon &  some blue paint will also do the job.)

Most of all, take the time to spend with your family and friends, and consider what you might be called to do on some other day of independence.

See you at New Lexington…

– Cato, the American


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