TX: Legislature passes Anti-TSA-Groping Bill

On Monday, the Texas Legislature (both House and Senate) passed a bill making the so-called “enhanced” screening measures a crime  if during the screening they touch a person’s ‘private’ areas.

From Alvie, at the Cliffs

TSA has tried to use (get this) the Supremacy Clause as defense against such a measure.  Clearly the TSA is unfamiliar with the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution, and a sound reading of Article VI, as well as the 4th and  5th Amendments.  Oh well.

“Texas Legislature is not only telling the (Transportation Security Administration) to change their policies – we’re telling the Obama Administration that we will not be intimidated and we will vigorously defend our Constitutional rights,
– Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst

Can I get a ‘Hell, yeah!”

– Cato, the American

TX:  you had better put on a full-court press on this issue, or if you ‘dare defend your rights’ and back down, you will set the Liberty Movement way, way back.  We’re counting on you, TX, make us proud.  -C,tA


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