On why the collectivists are winning:

Dear Reader,

Something interesting that I have been thinking about lately.  Clearly, the Leftists, collectivists, and would-be-tyrants do not have the better of us principally.  It’s not a matter of practicality, or “works best.”  So why are we losing?

I’m going to divide the leftists into several camps.  the Militants, the Bureaucrats, and The Do-gooders.  Team Freedom might also be divided along similar lines.  I will compare and contrast each segment as we go along.

The Militants:
On the Left, from the people who actively take the streets and fired shots in various countries around the world, to our own neighbors who protested in WI over public sector Unions, the Left is generally willing to send their militants into action.  From South America, to Russia, to Germany, to France, the Left marches with arms, molotov cocktails, and boards whenever they feel compelled to do so.

Team Freedom, almost never.  Several hundred of us through RTC have marched peacefully with arms in defense of civil rights, but the blood of Jose Guerena et al. still cools on the floor.

The Left is the bureaucracy in this country, minus maybe 7 people at the national level.  Enough said, they’re winning this battle from NFA ’34, GCA ’68, GCA ’86, Brady, Omnibus, etc.  This seems to me to be a non-starter for Team Freedom.

The Do-Gooders:
On the Left we’ve got the crowd who wants to nationalize health insurance (eventually care), oil production, and anything else interesting.  We’ve got those who want to save the planet from everyone but themselves, various “rights” groups excepting the class ‘individual,’ Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, and the Brady Bunch.  They’re Propaganda.. err… PR Corps is second to none. And their allies in the Bureaucracy are walking the walk.  On Team Freedom’s side, we tend to get caught up in the Drug War, which turns off all the Lilly-Whites.  Trouble is, most of the time, we end up arguing on the behalf of scoundrels, which instantly puts us a rung down.

It seems to me, there is only one of these three where we are clearly superior.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I suspect it means we’ll be forced closer and closer to playing on that field we know best.

On the legislative, the PR, the educational, the entertainment, and nearly every other position of the argument, Team Freedom is playing more than one man down.  I’m not meaning to suggest we turn this cold war hot… yet… but we do need to start thinking strategically.

On a comment  over at WRSA, a commenter mentioned that even the discussion of SOPs that we might consider on the two-way range is inappropriate by OPSEC standards.  I’m sold on OSPEC, really I am.  However, if we have upwards of 3 million of us all waiting for some magical moment when it will be socially (dare I say morally?) acceptable to drop the hammer on some would-be-tyrannts, we might lose before we even begin.

If our actions, communications, and preparations are ENTIRELY dictated by OpFor…. we’re losing.  That means we need to talk, we need to network, we need to train.  If we can’t share information by some means, then we’ll never be able to act towards the same strategic goals.  We’re probably mostly on a similar page regard tactics, boots on the ground “how-tos.”  But I see nothing in regards to an overall strategy for Team Freedom.

We’ve got some disagreements between social conservatives and the more libertarian minded of us.  I see a lot of Tea Partiers that wouldn’t mind a theocratic bend to their government whether the res of us like it or not.

I see Team Freedom almost ALWAYS focused on the differences that we have, rather than the similarities which first brought us together.  The Bill of Rights seems to be a damned good place to start, to my mind.

We were warned by our Founders, that if we would not hang together, we would surely hang individually.  Unite or Die.

It’s not clearer than that.  We could wait until the re-education camps get fired up, and cattle cars of people roll across the plains, and the chances of resupply are nil.  But why in the hell would we want to do that?  Start those plans now.  Train, PT, meet and verify.  Work together, folks.  You alone will not save the country.  You and a buddy are not much more capable.

Currently we’re all operating on what seems safest, and then best.  Life’s not safe, no one makes it out alive; and nothing is 100% safe or sure.

It’s likely that things will get worse before they get better, so do your planning and your preps under the conditions that will be most conducive to success.  That’s now.

I’m still not clear on what qualifies as a Waco, Katrina,or  Ruby Ridge; but if we don’t develop some serious strategic goals other than a vague “restoration;”  I see it as a non-starter.  Please prove me wrong.

Long live the Republic,
– Cato, the American.


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