A quick recap:
– TSA: Blog Entry
– Sipsey: Kill the snake
– Arctic Patriot: Someone’s gotta be…
– Mother Jones: VIPR (It’s good to read the opposition, really.)
Re Amtrak’s ban of VIPR


Would it surprise you terribly that the TSA, in addition to the VIPR nonsense, the SSSS-list (Secondary Security Screening Selection), now has it’s own iPhone app?  Indeed it does; you can now check which are prohibited items and other infromation from your smart phone.

Can I Bring?’ tool, users can submit it, through the app, directly to TSA for consideration to be added to the app.” You get to help the Gestapo do their jobs, not only with your money, but now with actual suggestions on items to ban.  Kinda gives you a warm-fuzzy feeling, huh?
And, if you’re concerned that you might be on a list that TSA keeps, you just have to enter your name, address, birthday, and other personal information on their website, and they’ll get right back to you to tell you if you’re on the list.  No seriously, that’s the procedure.

And, if you weren’t on the list before, you can bet your ass you are now.  Only the guilty suspect they’re on lists, don’t ya know?

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