10 Rules of 5G Warfare

This post, is certainly interesting.  It’s written from a Leftist perspective, but what we want here is strategy and tactics, not ideology.  We still read Che and Tom Barry, even though socialism is a big part of what we’re fighting against.  This article’s been on the shelf for a while, but it’s still relevant.

Consider how these tech-principles could be applied in a hard conflict, in your AO.

Hypothetically, If I ran one of the scores of Fusion Centers around the US, I might look at this list and think, “Where are we vulnerable, and where could we be made stronger.”  Of course, this line of thinking basically guarantees I’d never get such a cushy, taxpayer funded job…

Think about this from many possible angles.  Remember, thinking isn’t illegal… yet.

Keep your powder dry,
– Cato, the American.

For a much more in depth look: http://www.scribd.com/doc/33606470/5GW-Theory-Timeline


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