Praxis: Med-tech dead drops

First, some definitions.  Open source means that the nitty-gritty how-tos of a thing are widely and freely available.  The benefits of such a system in the coming Troubles are that what works and what doesn’t is quickly discovered, and quickly disseminated.  It allows allies to work towards the same goals without every meeting, no OPSEC violations, and the lilly-whites can sleep well at night.

P2P is short-hand for peer-to-peer, meaning transmissions are not funneled through a system which you might not control, and can be shut down or restricted.

Network is a structure of information exchange.

Now, with that under our belt, let’s watch a short video.  While you’re watching this, imagine it could have some functions of OpenSource (how-tos, where-tos, who-tos, etc.) or for closed source (using it as a place to exchange PGP encrypted text files, for instance).  The possibilities are nearly endless.

Keep thinking, you’re smarter than the system,
– Cato, the American.

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