Warning shots in Philly?

This article reports on a “bizarre” paintball attack on a USPS worker. “The Daily News report says the men didn’t demand money or try to take anything from the postal worker.” Maybe they weren’t after money, but merely making a point. Got Tribe? – Cato, the American. Advertisements

News and Updates

So, gold played around with $1900 per troy ounce today, which although not a corrected-for-inflation high, still impressive. A reader in Wyoming sent along this gem: ” Police officer shot dead after pointing stun gun at man’s dogs” They take-home quote from this one is : ‘He tried to kill my dogs and pointed a … Continue reading

Video: Who are the Three Percent?

Mike put out  a call for people with tech skills to make some cartoons.  I had seen a couple of these, and wanted to see what was involved in making one.  They’re pretty simple to do. So, there ya go.  www.xtranormal.com – Cato, the American.

Codrea: Who needs a gun in Washington State?

David Codrea sends this story written by Workman about a CCW-holder in Washington intervening in a gun-battle, cuffing the shooter, and hold him until Police arrived to fill out the paperwork. Well done, sir.  Well done. – Cato, the American. P.S. David wrote me to let me know that he was not the author of the … Continue reading

News: Israeli-style TSA?

TSA is planning to spend nearly a billion dollars to spend three weeks training TSA Agents with college degrees (all 5 of them?) to look for micro-expressions that might imply nefarious plots afoot. So, make sure you smile and look the man in the eye who puts hands between your wife’s legs, and breaks every … Continue reading

Billy forwards a damn good question

“If you think you have a right to force me to pay for your health care, then why don’t you have a right to force me to pick your cotton?”   – Jeffrey Quick http://www.two–four.net/  

Oleg Volk: Peace Officers

Oleg Volk provides another graphic with links to a few news stories. Where does your Sheriff stand on citizen disarmament?  If you don’t know, ask. On a related note, these digital voice recorders have come down in price quite a bit. – Cato, the American.