Oleg Volk: Peace Officers

Oleg Volk provides another graphic with links to a few news stories.

Where does your Sheriff stand on citizen disarmament?  If you don’t know, ask.

On a related note, these digital voice recorders have come down in price quite a bit.
– Cato, the American.

3 Responses to “Oleg Volk: Peace Officers”
  1. I’ve been posting this for MONTHS:

    Peace officers ain’t PIGS. If you don’t know the difference, you’re probably a PIG!

    • Right, not sure to whom that was addressed, or why. But thanks for the clarification. However, if all the “good” cops out there continue to let their brethern behave as they are, than I have to question their goodness.

      Where were the “good” cops when Jose Guerena was bleeding out on his floor?

  2. On a side note, those digital voice recorders can be used to your advantage come election time. If your Sheriff is an Only One.

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