News: Israeli-style TSA?

TSA is planning to spend nearly a billion dollars to spend three weeks training TSA Agents with college degrees (all 5 of them?) to look for micro-expressions that might imply nefarious plots afoot.

So, make sure you smile and look the man in the eye who puts hands between your wife’s legs, and breaks every thing you’ve every told your 7-year old daughter about what’s appropriate touching.

Because if you’re not happy about being felt-up by the Gestapo, you’re just a dirty terrorist.

Instapundithas this to say:

“I’m not convinced that the TSA has good enough people to make the Israeli approach work on a large scale… 
Almost anything would be an improvement over the clown show we’ve got now.”

That sounds a little too optimistic to me.

Travel safe, Serf,
– Cato, the Amerian.


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