TL’s Dead Republic

TL wrote an excellent piece, which can be found here.

He discussed the fear that most Americans have of the IRS, the situation we find ourselves under of being tied to the Constitution and rule of law when our enemies are not.    He then asks this question:

“How can freedom exist under those circumstances?”

I started to think about it.  Seriously.

I thought of the anecdote about bravery.  That a fearless man who charges into battle is not brave, he’s merely fearless.  The man who quakes, with his shame dripping down his legs who follows… that man is brave.

The same could be said of freedom.  It takes no real exercise of freedom to speak when there are no consequences.  To carry a pistol in compliance with the law.  These are not the acts of free men.

In this allegory, the thoughts, acts, and duties of free men will by necessity take place under the yoke of oppression.

I would respond to TL, that what we have is the perfect set of circumstance for real freedom to take place.  Granted, it’s not easy.  True, we have to wake up as many Americans as we can.

But let us look at this situation, not as a dark glass through which everything is dim and dusty; but window into the perfect environment for liberty.

It won’t be without cost.

It won’t be simple.

We won’t come out morally, psychologically, or physically unscathed.

But some of us will come out.

And our grandchildren thank us.

Resist. Let’s win.

– Cato, the American.


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