Suspending elections

If you haven’t caught a clip of the Governor of North Carolina candidly suggesting that the White House (presumably by executive fiat) suspend Congressional elections next year, you might be living under a rock.

Which, come to think of it, if they do something as idiotic as suspending elections, might be a good place to live.

A reader in the hills of Appalachia sent me a message saying this:

“Do they know how many elections you have to suspend to start a civil war?
Just one…”

This woman is either monumentally ignorant, or evil.
Jury’s  still out.

But like I said the other day; as each week passes, they are only creating a more perfect environment for liberty.

How much easier would it be to make connections and wake folks up if elections were suspended?

Every election cycle we get the typical “they’re going to suspend the elections!  We’ll have a dictator!”


Allow me to put those fears to rest.

We already have a dictator, actually we’ve got about 500 of them; not counting unelected bureaucrats…

We will continue to have “elections,”  open and often.  Maybe even more open that we’d like (DREAM Act, much?).  It doesn’t matter how many elections we have, unless divine providence pushes someone like Johnson or Paul into the Oval Office, we’ll get another corporate approved candidate, but just like last time, this time from the other party.

If voting changed anything, they’d have outlawed it a long time ago.

So hit the PT.  WRSA linked to some Global Guerrilla posts about some serious training programs.  Get to it.

Resist. Let’s win.

– Cato, the American.

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