Mike lays it out:

“I am interested in two big things at the moment and have bent all my energy and ability to them.

First, I am interested in preserving my liberty and property — and that of my children and their children — from further encroachment by a predatory federal government AND in getting some of those lost liberties back that have frittered away by previous generations over the past century or so.

Second, I am interested in preventing another bloody civil war in this country by convincing the same arrogant, stupid and power-hungry people who have been trying — and are continuing to try — to steal those liberties that it is in their own best interest to quit pushing people — armed people — who refuse to be pushed back any more from the free exercise of their rights and liberties.

I am more interested in the first than the second.”

— MBV,  http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/

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