OpFor is already fighting

OpFor is already designing the battle space. This link was on Drudge today, from Infowars (which often needs a large grain of salt, YMMV) Just pointing it out. – Cato, the American. Advertisements

OWS Update

First, if you’re not also viewing the OWS movement through the lenses of Global Guerillas and the Market Ticker, you’re missing out.  On a side note, this little collection came across my desk recently. The Top 10 Hotties of OWS. I kind of wish this were a joke, but sadly it is not so.  On … Continue reading

Lessons from OWS

If you’ve been following Global Guerrillas and WRSA recently, you’ve seen a fair amount of the Occupy Wall ST movement.  Much like the Tea Party before it, it was co-opted during the media black out, so the appropriate messages and personalities could be present for the ensuing media circus. But there is still much to … Continue reading

Vox: How much to trend?

Vox Day send this piece about a father who had had it up to here with government intervention in his family’ affairs.  You may remember this gentleman who found himself in a similar situation.  How many instances of an event does it take before it’s a trend? Here’s a snipit from Vox: “So, why should … Continue reading

GG: Tribe-building

http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/globalguerrillas/2011/10/journal-how-to-create-an-occupy-tribe.html   – Cato, the American.

TSA busted for kiddie porn

And people let the TSA see naked pictures of them and their families, or touch their genitals. This is your government. – Cato, the American.

Global Guerrillas: OWS

Global Guerrillas has this piece on the Occupy Movement.  Just like the Tea Party before it, as soon as the media blackout passed, the movement was quickly co-opted.  Not surprising.  Although, through these tactics, maybe they can shrug that off a bit better than the Tea Party folk. LEADERSHIP & OPEN SOURCE PROTEST #ows It … Continue reading

Got Tribe?

News: FBI, nation-wide facial recognition

This post discusses an FBI-run national facial recognition program for the use of local police.  As of yet, there’s no reason to whip out the tinfoil, but it doesn’t take much to imagine abuse of such a system. “…concerns that the Homeland Security Department, which exchanges digital prints with the FBI, will abuse the new … Continue reading

Questions our grandchildren will ask…

“And what did you do, Grandpa?” Secret panel can put Americans on ‘kill list’… “If every American and Liberty-minded family had owned an AR-15, 20 rounds of ammunition and the will to use it, the American Police State would be a little-known footnote to the history of the second American Republic.” — Future Historian   … Continue reading