Windows of opportunity…

So, we’ve got a talking-head calling for the American version of the Arab Spring, the October Offensive.

Also, the “progressive” counterpart to the Tea Party.  For that, I say go ahead.  Since the Tea Party has been and will continue to be ineffectual.  That is, until they decided to man up, and put boots and rifles on the ground.

Harkening back to the October Offensive:  it seems to me that history will show that the left is far more willing to take up arms, pull triggers, drop hammers, and put their beliefs on the street.  Therefore, this is something that should be monitored closely.

If such a thing comes to pass, how might the Liberty Movement, FreeFor, whomever, make use of it?  You weren’t planning on just watching it on CNN or FOX, right?

– Cato, the American.

One Response to “Windows of opportunity…”
  1. Howie Honky says:

    No, I thought I would wait for Chris Matthews commentary on it on MSNBC. He gives the greatest coverage, especially when Bill Maher is under his desk giving him head.

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