An example from history

This post from TL got me thinking…

I have come out pretty strongly against the paper tiger that is the Tea Party. I also said what I thought would help rectify the situation.

I would like to offer up another suggestion with an historical precedent.

If we look back to the Irish War for Independence, the ensuing civil war, and later the Anti-Treaty and Provo campaigns, we see an interesting strategy on behalf of the Irish Republicans.

While the IRA (in whatever form) harassed, attacked, and generally made life difficult for the English, Sinn Féin worked in the Dáil Éireann (Congress) to achieve their goals.

If we have been reading our assigned readings from WRSA, we know war is politics by other means.

This division of SF/IRA protected both sides. SF maintained plausible deniability, while the IRA had unofficial sanction throughout the Counties.

I am not such a purist that I demand 100% agreement. The would-be tyrants learned this lesson long ago, we could learn it too.

Imagine an SF/IRA-type split: we have just now found a place for the Lilly-Whites.

Food for thought.

Up the Republic!

– Cato, the American.

Just as a small note:  watch this video, which became the unofficial anthem of those fighting for Irish home-rule/independence.  Listen for the audience participation, that’s the meat of it.  You might also be interested in “Me little Armalite”  and “One Shot Paddy.”


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