Lessons from OWS

If you’ve been following Global Guerrillas and WRSA recently, you’ve seen a fair amount of the Occupy Wall ST movement.  Much like the Tea Party before it, it was co-opted during the media black out, so the appropriate messages and personalities could be present for the ensuing media circus.

But there is still much to learn there.  Even having been tipped, OWS is making some success (from their point of view).

How did they get there?
– Open-source activism
– They stayed (this is the biggie)
– Broad coalitions
– Adaptability
– Committees and self starters:
– “Imagine what we could get done if no one care who gets the credit” is working
– Heavy media and new-media coverage

 What do they have working against them?
– Too broad coalitions?  Lack of focus
– Their still on private property, and if that card gets played, the game may get more serious than they can currently enjoy
– The crazies float to the top
– No apparent strategic goals for the tactics which seem to be working
– Media and new-media can be fickle, they need their own systems for getting out the message (whatever that may be).

OWS deserves our attention.  There are some crazies, like Mike’s Maoist, and those calling for $20/hour minimum wages are pretty clearly ignorant of economics, and you know, the world.

But, when it comes time, some of these strategies could be used to effect by FreeFor.  Imagine an RTC Occupy protest….

– Cato, the American.

I’m interested to see what #OWS looks like come December.  That will be it’s true test.  Here’s one last question:  FreeFor talks a good game, but are we willing to do something like OWS?

One Response to “Lessons from OWS”
  1. LastBox says:

    “No apparent strategic goals for the tactics which seem to be working”

    If you take the detached scientific view, it’s emergent behavior. “Nothing succeeds like success.”

    Not that that’s palatable. What happens when the soul of the machine is insane? That’s why it’s easy to criticize this movement, I think. Endemic sickness – not necessarily that the movement is poison.

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