OWS Update

First, if you’re not also viewing the OWS movement through the lenses of Global Guerillas and the Market Ticker, you’re missing out.  On a side note, this little collection came across my desk recently.

The Top 10 Hotties of OWS.

I kind of wish this were a joke, but sadly it is not so.  On an editorial note, I disagree with a few of their selections…Moving on:

So, why is OWS gaining ground?

They stayed, number one.  Two, they have been kept in the media coverage.  Three, they stayed.

Surprisingly, things like the above link haven’t detracted much from their image in the minds of possible supporters.  Those contra-aligned with them get their dander up at every little thing that comes across the internets, but so far they’re holding strong.

Even defecating on a police vehicle didn’t dent their image.  Interesting, that.

Watch.  Learn.  Adapt.

– Cato, the American.

One Response to “OWS Update”
  1. gardenserf says:

    I read this and immediately thought of the people in the bubble city of Logan’s Run.

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