Mental and Emotional Resilience

First, if you haven’t seen the Crash Course by Chris Martenson, you probably should.  This video is from Chris, and in it he discusses with Carolyn Baker mental and emotional resilience.  It may come off a little touchy-feely, but the message is worth hearing.   – Cato, the American. Advertisements


If you follow the blogs that I do, you’ll be aware that TL called for a PatriotCon. Arctic Patriot and Kerodin have thrown in their hats as well.  I’m skeptical at best.   First, I have a few questions: 1.)  What is the purpose of the gathering? If it’s just to make us “feel better” … Continue reading

The size of the problem

The size of the problem

A Cautionary note from history

The American and the French revolutions both shared an intellectual and philosophical underpinning.  They also shared some key actors. However, the trend of “liberty” in each of the countries took sharp turns away from the other rather quickly.  Some will say the main difference fell on whether we were discussing the rights of “man” or … Continue reading

This is what happens…

When you agree to have your unalienable rights voted upon. – Cato, the American

SSI: Letter to the media

Mike keeps us on point with this missive: Musings on the unintended consequences of a writer’s appetite for other people’s liberty & property. “A tactical problem in liberty worth the risk .” Worth the read. – Cato, the American.

A sobering read from GardenSERF It’s not an easy read. Nor should it be. – Cato, the American

Breaking News from a reader in WV

A post-office in the eastern portion of WV exploded this morning, and the presence of a white powder was noted. The article states that 15 people were inside, and are now under quarantine. I guess carrying Federal water isn’t an entirely risk-free occupation. ————– UPDATE: All the hill folk can sleep well tonight, apparently … Continue reading