If you follow the blogs that I do, you’ll be aware that TL called for a PatriotCon.
Arctic Patriot and Kerodin have thrown in their hats as well.  I’m skeptical at best.


First, I have a few questions:

1.)  What is the purpose of the gathering?
If it’s just to make us “feel better” I’m not sure it’s worth doing.  If you remember the Continental Congress 2009 put on by the We, the People Foundation; what you had was Delegates from all 50 states show up for 2 weeks in Chicago.  When they got there, they though they were doing something very different than did the organizers.  There was a mild rebellion.  New leadership was elected.  Documents were made.  Nobody wanted to be “too extreme,” and those (mostly) young people who were, were treated like pariahs.  The end-result?  Nothing. Nada.

2.) What real result will come out of this gathering?
Is it publicity, a document, a platform, an organization, tactics, a plan?

3.) Is there a message to send, and who is the intended recipient?
       Is the goal to sway the fence-sitters, to wake up people, to circle the wagons, to put TPTB on notice?

4.) If this meeting is what it should be, there is heavy risk.  This should not turn us away, but how smart is it to telegraph our punches?

Call me strange, but when I slung a rifle and pistol and stood on the banks of the Potomac with about 100 other Americans; I could not help but feel a little let down; there should have been 10,000 of us… of you.

For a decade now, I’ve been working politically for Liberty. Although there has been a shift in the attitudes of this nation, I have yet to see a serious change in its governance for the better.

I am hesitant to spend time on one more “feel good” thing that does not move us any closer to our goals. 

If I am wrong, please, point it out.  Discuss. Teach.

My point, if it could be summed up, is this:
If we are to do something, let be something worthy of free men.


– Cato, the American.

8 Responses to “PatriotCon”
  1. Mt Top Patriot says:

    Read the all the comments on TL’s post.

    Time might not have been right, timing is everything, noble as your actions are.
    Simple as that.
    Put your money where your mouth is and man up friend.

    • Kerodin says:

      My concern is that folks will leave TL standing alone again. Several folks intended to be there for Guardians and were not able because of legitimate last-minute concerns. But there were many others who promised to be there and never showed. He got zero support from Tea Party folks and 2A groups.

      The man dropped a serious bit of cash on Guardians, for nothing.

      This can’t go that way.


  2. Mozart says:


    I have been among many “patriot” movements, resulting in minimal gain. I signed up with TL’s summit, if for nothing more than, I want to forward the cause, I want to make a difference.

    After contemplating the questions posed, I question the impact the summit would make. Forgive the uncertainty.

    From personal experience the movement is well intentioned, we are frustrated with the direction this country has been set a course to. Guilt of letting it progress to this point grinds it’s way into everyone of us. A need to make right can be an irrational and trigger happy moment

    As someone who is trigger happy, and wish’s a just end to this conflict, your caution of results warrant’s pause.


  3. Kerodin says:

    I agree: If this is to be an Occupy or Tea Party flavor event, it is not worth the time or effort. I suspect TL has no interest in either.

    He’s been there.


  4. avordvet says:

    Same here my friend, stood on the banks of the Potomac wondering where everyone else was… I have done pretty much every RTC event since then, with little or no effect on the populace at large.

    Although we had some immediate effects within the Patriot movement, and also some heavy push back in the Second Amendment arena after the Virginia rally. I have been disappointed not necessarily by the general populations reaction, but more so, by the so-called “Patriot Movement” AND the so-called 2nd Amendment activists that failed to show up.

    What will make this rally different?

    Many of us have made our stands and put our personal security up for grabs by standing in the open, waiting for re-enforcements to arrive… that never did. And now with momentum lost, the “patriot movement” wants to make another push… all I can say to these “fair weather” patriots is, where were you when you were needed?

  5. Good questions. With regard to number 4, I think it is ok at this point to telegraph and gather all the Patriots that can be gathered. No matter how you communicate, there will be FBI there. The mood in this country is shifting and I think the numbers will increase exponentially as time wears on.

    With regard to the other questions, these need to be address beforehand. Networking is critical and will be accomplished at such a meeting, regardless of the stated purpose.

  6. TPaine says:

    This has to be a true saber-rattling convention. Not a bunch of Tea Party people calling to “vote those scoundrels out of office.” We need to show as many people as possible who are ready to shoulder arms against the opposition if necessary. No wimps allowed! And so it would be nice if it took place in a state where carrying a firearm is legal.

    It’s gotta be a show of force. The Occupy people did nothing, because as obnoxious as they were, they didn’t scare anyone. And it has to be planned well in advance. It took me 2 months to arrange to get to D.C. on 9/12/09. I want to get in on this badly, but I need to plan.

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