Hey NDAA, how many rights did you trample today?

From Lew Rockwell: We Have Crossed the Rubicon by Eric Peters


Here’s the roll-call vote on the NDAA for FY ’12.  Oh, and there’s that bit about indefinite detention without trial, charge, council, and maybe even at  Gitmo.  You know, the one Barack said he’d veto, not on civil liberties grounds, but because it restricted his authoritah too much?  Yeah, that one.  Oh, by the by, he’s rescinded that threat.

Feel free to treat this as a quick-and-dirty guide to the who’s who of the enemies of liberty.


– Cato, the American.

p.s.  For those of you whose Congresscritters professed to be Tea Partier, how’s that working out for you?

One Response to “Hey NDAA, how many rights did you trample today?”
  1. tired dog says:

    When words fail what is left?

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