WTF Campaign Fliers

Here you can find some WTF Campaign Fliers.  I will update this entry as they are created.
Feel free to print them black-and-white, the color is more to make them easier to keep track of (“I’ll print the blue ones today.”) then anything else.  Most office stores will print for around 5-9 cents, then cut them in half.  100 copies gives you 200 fliers and costs less than $10.

If you have a College or University print shop, you might even get them cheaper.  Best of luck.

Here’s a link for making wheat paste.  It can be used to green-ly hang posters and fliers.  In some localities, it’s the only approved method of public posting.  Paste the wall/surface with brush, place your flier, then paste again over the whole thing.  A paint brush in a disposable plastic bag works wonders.


– Cato, the American


Resistance becomes Duty.”  (2 per page)


A Declaration” (1 per page)
Sic Semper Tyrannis” (2 per page)
Who Owns You?” (2 per page)
Defend the Bill of Rights!” (2 per page)
5 Responses to “WTF Campaign Fliers”
  1. Why are we calling this the “WTF Campaign,” by the way? I know what WTF stands for, but I was wondering why that was chosen as the name…

  2. Quick stab at a title is the correct answer.

    It’s the question that I can barely suppress as I go about my rounds with the average populace.

    The overly-cute answer is that it stands for “Where’s the fight?”:

    Thanks for your efforts.

  3. Outfreakingstanding.


    Good job.

    I will do my part.


  4. Mark Roote says:

    Excellent, thank you. I’ll start printing these up asap and do a mass mailing in my county. The up side for me is that per the 2010 census there were only a little over 28,000 residents. That means for me I should be good with 20,000 ‘postcards’. That sound like a lot, but it’s worth it. After I get my county taken care of, I’ll start worrying about others.
    Thanks again. These are much better than anything that was floating around in my head.

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