Praxis: Ruck Runs and Pills

I wanted to follow up on CA’s and Mountain Guerrilla’s posts about ruck runs.  I wanted to post a video from the guys over at ITS Tactical on making pills (i.e. sandbags) for weighted ruck runs/hikes.

I’m also seriously digging the posts over at Nous Defions (the -ons is silent, /new deh-fee/).  Thanks for the good work so far, sir.  And we look forward to what’s in the pipeline.

– Cato, the American.

2 Responses to “Praxis: Ruck Runs and Pills”
  1. I always used to use steel weights or rocks placed in the radio pouch of the ALICE packs.

    Sandbags might be easier on the gear though.


  2. Prairie Fire says:

    For the road dirt that it’s worth, possibly not much, I’ll tell a story about running with weight in the pack.

    There was a time when I’d moved out of a locale as a Guardsman, and working to get into a Reserve unit in a place a couple of states away. Knew that the process would be hard, so I was doing my exercises daily and running six miles/per day four days/week, and doing a ten mile run on Saturdays.

    I thought that putting on some weight for the short runs might be helpful. I had this Spanish military sort-of assault pack from vintage 70s or so. The little pack had a chest strap, and a strap on the lower back part of it, that would attatch to a web belt if one was to be worn in Spain or somewhere else..

    So I put two spam cans of Chicom AK ammo in this pack (the sort of ammo that was common at that time, and has been currently banned from import for being AP or somesuch for the past twenty years.) I ran down the road for the prescribed distance and back. The pack gave me a problem, the little gizmo on the lower center of it, made to attach to a web belt, had put a bleeding hole in my back, right along my spine. I’d been running with the large predecessor to the Walkman in my ears, hearing bagpipe marches on a cassette as I ran. All the stories about pipe music changing the heads of people, might be true, at least it worked for me.

    A month or so later, I had to go to get a physical at a MEPS station in order to go from Guard to Reserve. Had to strip down and stand in line for the physical. The Doc put forth the argument that the healing hole in my back from running with a bad pack was… get this… a deliberate attempt on my part to not admit to recent back surgery. Huh. I hadn’t been in awe of MEPS doctors prior to that, but after that diagnosis, I knew more about bottom feeders than I had prior.

    Running with sandbags in a proper pack, is probably a whole lot smarter than stuffing spam cans in a bad pack.

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