Take a moment and reflect

CA posted (and included the video below) about a book by Dr. Joseph Martino called Resistance to Tyranny.  If you have not read it, I highly recommend it.

One of the primary purposes of this blog, of these Letters, is to find out for myself how I feel about the coming Unpleasantness.  That’s recorded in my Statement of Purpose, and still drives many posts that I make.

In looking through this book, and sifting the internet for information, I came across this video.  If you prefer, here’s a transcript of the video.

I want you to ask yourself, very seriously, in your heart of hearts, if the voices that you listen to, the writers whom you read, the men and women you might be willing to follow; if they meet this criteria.

I posted about the French Revolution awhile back.  I still maintain many of those concerns, but this book (and if you haven’t read it, maybe this video) might crystallize some things for you as it did for me.

I have made some decisions after reading this book, not because I was convinced of any ideas I did not have before, but because it pointed its finger and said, “You’re problem, your concern, is right here.  Look at it, and look at yourself.  Where will you stand.”

I now know

Interview with Dr. Martino

Be safe, be just, and Resist!

– Cato, the American.


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