Tender thoughts and bitter truths

Firstly, Mike, I prayed for you today, that’s not something I do too often.  I felt moved to it today.  You shouldn’t have to deal with this tripe.  Focus on healing, focus on your family, focus on whatever you want.  We’ve got your back, and we thank you for your work. Secondly, the rest of … Continue reading

CPX Foxtrot

Command Post Exercise Foxtrot (CPX Foxtrot) Discussion of the Hypothetical Use of an OpFor False Flag Attack as a FreeFor Line of Departure Action Date: 9:00 PM EST on Friday, 24 Feb 2012 Execution Date: (Hypothetical) IT IS AN IMPORTANT FACET OF THIS CPX THAT DISCUSSION OF THIS CPX AND ITS OBJECTIVES REMAIN PRIVATE, AS … Continue reading


Apologies for sporadic posting recently.  Family comes first always, and work sometimes.  On top of that, between AP, CA, MG, Sam, and Sipsey, I haven’t got much to add these days. Keep up with your PT. Winter is coming. Resist. – Cato, the American p.s.  CPX Foxtrot is coming up, are you prepared?

The War drums beating

Iran warns world of coming ‘great event’… Developing Missile ‘That Could Reach America’… Hey, that rhetoric seems familiar some how…. Oh yeah, that’s right.  WMDs.  Looks like we’ve got an exit strategy, ‘head east.’ By the by, are you ready for CPX Foxtrot? – Cato, the American