Tender thoughts and bitter truths

Firstly, Mike, I prayed for you today, that’s not something I do too often.  I felt moved to it today.  You shouldn’t have to deal with this tripe.  Focus on healing, focus on your family, focus on whatever you want.  We’ve got your back, and we thank you for your work.

Secondly, the rest of you need to get your head in the game, and focus on winning this thing.  Our Founders knew a thing or two about a thing or two.  They had some pertinent advice, slightly amended, that I’ll redirect your way now:

As CA is wont to tell you, the Bad Guys have already built their coalitions.  They’ve secured a logistics chain, they’ve war-gamed the scenarios, and they’ve practiced and trained….

… to come take your liberty; to kill you if you won’t bend the knee and kiss the ring.  And all the while, we continue to practice our favorite Die In Place drill.  Get over it.  Man up.  Reach around your back.  There’s a hard spot in the middle, it’s called a spine.

Everybody’s got a past, as AP notices.

Swallow your pride, get to your PT, get to your training, and for the love of god, quit shooting friendlies.

– Cato, the American.

One Response to “Tender thoughts and bitter truths”
  1. Toaster802 says:

    I’ll Second that!

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