Branding Ideas

Sam posted something recently about Branding Ideas, and I wanted to throw up something I’ve been mulling over for the past few weeks.  These are just rough drafts.  A reader in the Mountains sent me a message that you can buy spray chalk in  a can for landscaping purposes.  Re-purposed, it becomes an non-permanent form of guerrilla marketing.

You may want to check your local laws/ordinances/nanny-staters/etc before going on such a campaign.  YMMV.

So, the idea is that you can either make a stencil, or just do it old school.  We could also make some printable stickers, etc.  If you’re wanting to do it on the cheap, a normal sticker from your local office store and some clear packing tape should make it waterproof enough.

Here’s some idea starters.

I also thought it would be interesting to place some waterproof stickers inside urinals.  This is a draft, but maybe something like this:


– Cato, the American.

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