I was gone.  I’m back.

So, if you’re following the rolling clusterfuck of dhoom around the Liberty Sphere… yeah, I’m about sick of that too.

I do think that there are some legitimate questions to be asked.

  • Can any group of men make a compact that binds others?
  • Can one generation morally bind another?
  • Why the hell can’t we talk civilly even amongst ourselves?

Well, maybe some of those will get answered.  Until then, keeping thinking on how you’re going to bring down your first drone, and whether we should mount them in our dens, or hang them from the city walls to scare off the others.


– Cato, the American

2 Responses to “Hiatus”
  1. Q. Fabius Pictor says:

    The “Liberty Sphere” can be called a Charlie Foxtrot because it lacks a coherent philosophy, organization, chain of command, and leadership. This has been the case for the couple of decades during which I’ve been involved. There has been no discernible improvement in that time. In fact, any change has been in an unfavorable direction, with those men who are most competent and articulate giving up and retiring from political activity.

    Your first two questions touch upon the concept of Authority, which all Liberalism, be it classical or modern, rejects.

    As for the lack of civil discourse, I claim it is because of the general degradation of standards throughout the West.

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