Things you can learn from the Red Dawn redux

First, I endeavor to avoid spoilers. This isnt a review or film critique, just a few things that jumped out at me.

Tue technical consulting was very good, IMO, and here are my thoughts.

– Skills trump stuff, but good stuff is nice, too.
– Situational awareness. Develop it.
– PT
– History provides many lessons, but innovation ain’t bad neither.

Things from the film I enjoyed.
– Good trigger discipline all around.
– Good muzzle discipline most of the time.
– A few good one-liners.

I had some pet peeves, but those might fall under spoilers. enjoy the film. And don’t forget, the antagonists were originally supposed to be the Chinese for this film….

– Cato, the American.

2 Responses to “Things you can learn from the Red Dawn redux”
  1. G says:

    You fail to mention good ole people networks, Intel and safehouses

  2. Wes says:

    Sounds like an Honest breakdown (without giving anything away). I believe I’ll give it a Netflix. Thanks Cato.

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