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Vanderboegh Update

From David. Good thoughts, prayers, and warm feelings for your swift recovery, sir. http://waronguns.blogspot.com/2012/04/vanderboegh-medical-update_13.html – Cato, the American.

STM: Constitutional Quizzery

Tom sends this from Starving the Monkeys. Agree or disagree, it’s worth reading. My personal take, is that Tom misses the point of Constitutional enforcement.   The Federal Constitution (I’ll steer clear of the of versus for debate), is a contract between the States and the Federal.  However, if the issue of (dare we use the … Continue reading

Branding Ideas

Sam posted something recently about Branding Ideas, and I wanted to throw up something I’ve been mulling over for the past few weeks.  These are just rough drafts.  A reader in the Mountains sent me a message that you can buy spray chalk in  a can for landscaping purposes.  Re-purposed, it becomes an non-permanent form … Continue reading

Tender thoughts and bitter truths

Firstly, Mike, I prayed for you today, that’s not something I do too often.  I felt moved to it today.  You shouldn’t have to deal with this tripe.  Focus on healing, focus on your family, focus on whatever you want.  We’ve got your back, and we thank you for your work. Secondly, the rest of … Continue reading


Apologies for sporadic posting recently.  Family comes first always, and work sometimes.  On top of that, between AP, CA, MG, Sam, and Sipsey, I haven’t got much to add these days. Keep up with your PT. Winter is coming. Resist. – Cato, the American p.s.  CPX Foxtrot is coming up, are you prepared?

The War drums beating

Iran warns world of coming ‘great event’… Developing Missile ‘That Could Reach America’… Hey, that rhetoric seems familiar some how…. Oh yeah, that’s right.  WMDs.  Looks like we’ve got an exit strategy, ‘head east.’ By the by, are you ready for CPX Foxtrot? – Cato, the American

Oh South Carolina… really?

Did anyone else get a real kick last night out of a room full of social conservatives booing the Golden Rule? I know my translation of the New Testament has a bit like this, “But I give you new Commandment, to love thy brother has thine own self, excepting in the course of duly elected … Continue reading

Take a moment and reflect

CA posted (and included the video below) about a book by Dr. Joseph Martino called Resistance to Tyranny.  If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. One of the primary purposes of this blog, of these Letters, is to find out for myself how I feel about the coming Unpleasantness.  That’s recorded in … Continue reading

Praxis: Ruck Runs and Pills

I wanted to follow up on CA’s and Mountain Guerrilla’s posts about ruck runs.  I wanted to post a video from the guys over at ITS Tactical on making pills (i.e. sandbags) for weighted ruck runs/hikes. I’m also seriously digging the posts over at Nous Defions (the -ons is silent, /new deh-fee/).  Thanks for the … Continue reading