STM: Constitutional Quizzery

Tom sends this from Starving the Monkeys. Agree or disagree, it’s worth reading. My personal take, is that Tom misses the point of Constitutional enforcement.   The Federal Constitution (I’ll steer clear of the of versus for debate), is a contract between the States and the Federal.  However, if the issue of (dare we use the … Continue reading

The War drums beating

Iran warns world of coming ‘great event’… Developing Missile ‘That Could Reach America’… Hey, that rhetoric seems familiar some how…. Oh yeah, that’s right.  WMDs.  Looks like we’ve got an exit strategy, ‘head east.’ By the by, are you ready for CPX Foxtrot? – Cato, the American

WTF Campaign Fliers

Here you can find some WTF Campaign Fliers.  I will update this entry as they are created. Feel free to print them black-and-white, the color is more to make them easier to keep track of (“I’ll print the blue ones today.”) then anything else.  Most office stores will print for around 5-9 cents, then cut … Continue reading

Heavier than a mountain

“Death is lighter than a feather, but duty is heavier than a mountain.” Read this piece of speculative fiction over at AmMerc. That looks like some real Oathkeepers to me. Also, CA over at WRSA has posted this call for a media campaign.  I tossed in my $0.02 in the comments.  Feel free to contribute, … Continue reading

SSI: Letter to the media

Mike keeps us on point with this missive: Musings on the unintended consequences of a writer’s appetite for other people’s liberty & property. “A tactical problem in liberty worth the risk .” Worth the read. – Cato, the American.

A sobering read from GardenSERF It’s not an easy read. Nor should it be. – Cato, the American

GG: Tribe-building   – Cato, the American.

Got Tribe?

An example from history

This post from TL got me thinking… I have come out pretty strongly against the paper tiger that is the Tea Party. I also said what I thought would help rectify the situation. I would like to offer up another suggestion with an historical precedent. If we look back to the Irish War for Independence, … Continue reading

Windows of opportunity…

So, we’ve got a talking-head calling for the American version of the Arab Spring, the October Offensive. Also, the “progressive” counterpart to the Tea Party.  For that, I say go ahead.  Since the Tea Party has been and will continue to be ineffectual.  That is, until they decided to man up, and put boots and … Continue reading