Praxis: Exercise in Tech Savvy

In this post, AM mentions that no one really commented on the IRC chat log.  I didn’t because I was doing a facepalm and thinking “duh, that makes total sense, why didn’t I think of that?”  And I didn’t really have anything to add, until now. The following is a practical exercise. Part of this … Continue reading

Praxis: AR Magazines

This video was sent in to me by a reader, and I wanted to feature it for a few reasons.  It’s not news to most of us that skills trump gadgets, but you need to know your go-to-items as well.  I think this video does a good job of addressing that, and also the use … Continue reading

Branding Ideas

Sam posted something recently about Branding Ideas, and I wanted to throw up something I’ve been mulling over for the past few weeks.  These are just rough drafts.  A reader in the Mountains sent me a message that you can buy spray chalk in  a can for landscaping purposes.  Re-purposed, it becomes an non-permanent form … Continue reading

Take a moment and reflect

CA posted (and included the video below) about a book by Dr. Joseph Martino called Resistance to Tyranny.  If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. One of the primary purposes of this blog, of these Letters, is to find out for myself how I feel about the coming Unpleasantness.  That’s recorded in … Continue reading

Praxis: Ruck Runs and Pills

I wanted to follow up on CA’s and Mountain Guerrilla’s posts about ruck runs.  I wanted to post a video from the guys over at ITS Tactical on making pills (i.e. sandbags) for weighted ruck runs/hikes. I’m also seriously digging the posts over at Nous Defions (the -ons is silent, /new deh-fee/).  Thanks for the … Continue reading

WTF Campaign Fliers

Here you can find some WTF Campaign Fliers.  I will update this entry as they are created. Feel free to print them black-and-white, the color is more to make them easier to keep track of (“I’ll print the blue ones today.”) then anything else.  Most office stores will print for around 5-9 cents, then cut … Continue reading

Mental and Emotional Resilience

First, if you haven’t seen the Crash Course by Chris Martenson, you probably should.  This video is from Chris, and in it he discusses with Carolyn Baker mental and emotional resilience.  It may come off a little touchy-feely, but the message is worth hearing.   – Cato, the American.

OpFor is already fighting

OpFor is already designing the battle space. This link was on Drudge today, from Infowars (which often needs a large grain of salt, YMMV) Just pointing it out. – Cato, the American.

Lessons from OWS

If you’ve been following Global Guerrillas and WRSA recently, you’ve seen a fair amount of the Occupy Wall ST movement.  Much like the Tea Party before it, it was co-opted during the media black out, so the appropriate messages and personalities could be present for the ensuing media circus. But there is still much to … Continue reading

GG: Tribe-building   – Cato, the American.