Obama’s new Comms EO

Can your tribe communicate, mobilize, send/receive intel without the intertubes? best get to it. Obama signs new EO. Advertisements

GOA contributes

Feisty. – Cato, the American.

SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare

Firstly, my reading of the US Constitution does not authorize the Supreme Court to entire control over the federal.  That’s tradition from Marbury v Madison.  That being said… Today could be a tipping a point.  The last vestiges of constitutional governance are dead.  The last check on the executive and legislative are dead.  There is … Continue reading

AO Specifics: Appalachia

This was sent in to me from a reader last night.  I thought I’d post it with these editorial additions.What will your AO do when the support structures of Washington are yanked out from under it? Might it be nice if a couple thousand people were pretty much on the same page with how your … Continue reading


I was gone.  I’m back. So, if you’re following the rolling clusterfuck of dhoom around the Liberty Sphere… yeah, I’m about sick of that too. I do think that there are some legitimate questions to be asked. Can any group of men make a compact that binds others? Can one generation morally bind another? Why … Continue reading

Vanderboegh Update

From David. Good thoughts, prayers, and warm feelings for your swift recovery, sir. http://waronguns.blogspot.com/2012/04/vanderboegh-medical-update_13.html – Cato, the American.

5 ex-cops charged in Katrina Killings

Firstly, let’s be clear.  These were murders, not killings.  Five people were sentenced between 5 and 65 years for their parts in the murder of unarmed civilians at the Danzinger Bridge. Evidence of perjury was present, but the judge stated that such was minor compared to the main issue at hand. A total of 20 … Continue reading

III: On the Constitution

Sam hits one out of the park. This is a point I’ve been harming in forma long time with my spheres, and it has always fallen on deaf ears.

STM: Constitutional Quizzery

Tom sends this from Starving the Monkeys. Agree or disagree, it’s worth reading. My personal take, is that Tom misses the point of Constitutional enforcement.   The Federal Constitution (I’ll steer clear of the of versus for debate), is a contract between the States and the Federal.  However, if the issue of (dare we use the … Continue reading

Branding Ideas

Sam posted something recently about Branding Ideas, and I wanted to throw up something I’ve been mulling over for the past few weeks.  These are just rough drafts.  A reader in the Mountains sent me a message that you can buy spray chalk in  a can for landscaping purposes.  Re-purposed, it becomes an non-permanent form … Continue reading