Statement of Purpose

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the ‘Letters of Cato, the American.’  I hope that you consider the time spent here as being well-spent.  There are many voices in the world, and if you consider mine worth listening to, I call that a high compliment.

We find ourselves in dire times.  If not directly of our own making, they are at least indirectly so.  It is this reason, this claim of responsibility, which is the reason for this collection.

Even if I did not directly cause the hazards facing us, the corruption stacked against us, the tyrants at our doors, and the barbarians at our gates (something I’m not yet willing to state), the fact that I let things get this far makes me culpable.

If you also feel this guilt, and the desire to be rid of it by changing our situation and dedicating yourself to a return to Liberty, then I’ll gladly call you my brother.

The purpose of this collection will be two-fold, to first work out my own feelings and thoughts in regards to the situations we face, and to document the crisis that is sure to follow from my perspective.

There are many voices likely more well-suited to this than mine, you will find some of them on the blogroll.  I did not ask these writers if I might link to them, and an email from any one, and I will remove them if they wish, quietly and without comment.  Although these voices have more standing, finer words, and more respect in our little corner of the internet, I hope I might contribute something, however small.

With that, let us begin.

Long live the Republic!

– Cato, the American

2 Responses to “Statement of Purpose”
  1. J says:

    And perhaps even ‘UP the Republic” as some of my Mum’s Irish ancestors used to say. It is always good to find another voice of reason, insight and courage. May our tribe increase. And may they arm themselves well.

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